Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pink Pajamas, Penguins on the Bottom (a.k.a. our movie debut)

Well, as soon as we arrived in Morocco, Disney songs flooded our thoughts. Upon walking into our hotel room, one of the first things Kerry said was, "Oh my gosh! I feel like Princess Jasmin!!".  She then told me that when she was little she used to walk around in sweatpants, a bikini top and a high pony, channeling Princess Jasmin.  I told her I would do that every day if I could.  Little did we know, before the end of the trip, we would be restored to our true Arabian Princess beauty in bright blue scarfs, sitting royally upon our noble "camellos".

From Aladdin to the Lion King, not a single song was spared.  On our way from the airport Lena introduced the group to what will now be none as THE song of Morocco; a song that would change our lives forever. "Have you ever heard that if you say 'pink pajamas, penguins on the bottom' it sounds like the beginning of The Circle of Life from the Lion King".  And that was it. Walking down the streets of pajamas penguins on the bottom.....making our way through the masses at the open pajamas penguins on the bottom....climbing the Atlas mountains....a louder, prouder rendition of those faithful pink pajamas...showering, swimming, pajamas penguins on the bottom.

It only took a few interjections from Eileen and one swift leoness interpretation from Erin to convince me, we HAVE to get this on video.  After multiple dropped hints and finally one shameless 'LOOK WE'RE DOING THIS' on my end, we produced solid gold.  And now, for your Moroccan delight, I give you, Pink Pajamas Penguins on the Bottom"

Director- Kerry Deyo
Background vocals/1950's doo-wop dancing- Elena Veronin
Leonesa-Erin Frick
Vocalist/Julliard graduate- Yours truly
Chous/Rafiki/Lights-Eileen Gudice

Here's to great friends to act da fool with.  Here's to Morocco.

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