Monday, March 28, 2011

He loves me through song

Undoubtedly one of the strongest ways Jesus communicates with me and I with him is through song. A song can move and change my heart faster than any sermon (jsyk, I love those too). My favorite part of church is the time when I get to sing to my savior. I LOVE so much that the Village Church does their worship AFTER the sermon as a means of response. Gosh, after hearing about Jesus' love for us for an hour, I LOVE having that outlet to sing praises to Him.

My heart has been held captive while I've been here because I don't have the ability to raise my voice to him.  Because I live in a house with 4 other people, there are few chances to be alone.  I remember a good friend of mine, Yandi, telling me that one day she was so confused or frustrated with her life situation that she just cried out to God. SHOUTED to God audibly in her room.  Put on some music and sang at the top of her little Yandi lungs.  She had a very intimate time with God, just expressing herself to Him.  Which He longs for us, as His children, to do. A few days ago I was in a similar situation and everything in me just wanted to shout to God.  Just to let out whatever was inside that I knew He wanted to hear. My troubles, my fears, my doubts, my frustrations.  I still feel held captive, limited to myself.  An inexpressive Brittney is no Brittney at all.  Would you pray with me that Jesus would 1. give me a place to worship him through song. Give me some time to worship Him through song. 2. That He would show me other ways to express myself to him (like journaling, poetry, or things like that)

This weekend, Jesus spoke straight to my heart. I had just gotten some new music from my roommate, Kerry, and was listening to the whole new musical realm that had opened to me on my way home from Matalescanas.  It was just absolute divine intervention that this song should randomly be shuffled into my ears.  I. felt. alive. "Darling do not fear" speaks straight to the heart of a girl far away from home in a city were she feels she doesn't belong.  I felt so confident that there was little to be afraid of, your God is on your side.... now go, you big silly!

This next one was recommended to me by the ever-wonderful, Jillian Zamora.  Aside from the fact that the video is a bit hokey and it appears more like a concert than an intimate setting to worship the King, I LOVE THE SONG.  Although I may be far from home, He is with me.

Darling do not fear what you don't really know,

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