Saturday, March 19, 2011


Gosh, bloggie. Bloggie Bloggerson. Blogston McBlog. I just want everyone to know that I HAVE NOT been INTENTIONALLY avoiding updating you on all things Spain.  I had this GREAT idea that I was going to share all the videos I had taken so far on this here blog. HOWEVER, I have since then run into MANY'A problem in my quest to do so. I think I have it all figured out but I still need just a PINCH more time. HOKAY?! In the mean time, feel free to look at these cute little balls of joy. FACT: late at night when I can't sleep, when I am trying to avoid studying, or on a rainy day here in Spain (which is like every other day ps.) I mosey on over to, the home of the following pictures. Try not to squeal in utter amazement at the most precious specimens of all around cuteness on the whole dern planet. I double dog dare you.

Golden Retriever, my dream pup of choice.
Little known fact: Spain is CRAWLING with the CUTEST most Stop, Stare, and Pet pups that there ever did live. I seriously went home and looked up the word "to pet" so I could learn how to say "Can I pet your dog". AND THEN made up a song about it so that I WOULD NOT FORGET how to say it. It is THAT imperative. They also have alot of babies. Like, no so much any 4-11 year olds (I seriously don't know where they go. Kind of concerned. but then I see another baby and forget all about them). Just babies. and toddlers. everywhere. Babies and puppies? Around every corner? I'm in Spanish heaven.

Bernie Beesting "can I please pet your dog and hold you baby....perhaps simultaneously" Bell

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